Island In The Sun

Pangkor Laut Resort (Photo: Norasmah Othman)

The slogan of the holiday paradise offshore the Malaysian West Coast couldn’t be more aptly: “one island, one resort” reads the advertisement of the Pangkor Laut Resort with its luxury chalets and villas that have been built around the jungle-covered islet.

dezember_2015_721There are no skyscrapers or large concrete hotels, instead great importance is attached to individual guest service and natural architecture which nevertheless is not short of luxury. 400 employees ensure that the approximately 100 guests do not miss a single thing. Bars and restaurants, a small shop, a hairdressing salon and various other amenities are also available. However, if you are looking for a 24/7 party highlife mile, this is the wrong place. The Pangkor Laut Resort is a haven of peace, a place where you let your mind wander and simply relax.

It's not the bed room, it's the library!
It’s not the bed room, it’s the library!

Which does not mean that there are no leisure facilities: of course, you will find the obligatory swimming pools and a picture-perfect sandy beach in a beautiful bay. Sports mates can let off steam in one of the three tennis courts or the squash court, a small gym is also at hands. Plus, there is a jungle path which is worth exploring (daily guided tours). Bookworms will find a cozy armchair and even beds (!) in the roofed-over outdoor library. For those who can not exist without internet the library also provides a free of charge PC corner. The sunset, however, is best enjoyed on a small boat tour around the island, with cocktails and finger food being served.

A friendly neighbour’s courtesy visit

Concerning the lodging you have the choice between chalets built on wooden piles protruding from the sea, and villas which have been built up above next to the rain forest. They not only provide a fantastic view, the proximity to the forest brings with it that at any time you can be reckoned with a courtesy visit by small monkeys, which, since they are already there, help themselves snarfing the fruit. The clever lads have even learned to open doors and the fridge.

Generally, island visitors can marvel at so many exotic animals here: a tame couple of hornbills has settled here, and can often be seen next to or even in the restaurant –  guess why -, ospreys, iguanas, or bats, the day brooding in heat hanging around in a tree, literally.

One thing you should not miss is a visit to the Spa Village (by reservation), where guests will be pampered with various massages, wellness and beauty applications. The beautiful plant built with natural stone was opened by Luciano Pavarotti in 2002. The great tenor, in whose honor the most luxurious and spacious villa has been named – the Pavarotti Suite – was a welcome guest in his lifetime. According to him, the island is a paradise, the “most beautiful place I have ever seen”.

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