Jalur Gemilang – The Story of the Malaysian Flag

1st September 2014

Looking at the Malaysian flag that bears the official name Jalur Gemilang one could suppose that the design was influenced by the American Star Spangled Banner. But is that really so? To answer that question […]


Malaysia’s Shoe Industry Steps Up

28th August 2014

The Malaysian footwear industry produces a wide variety of footwear ranging from safety and industrial footwear to sports shoes and high fashion footwear. Malaysia is one of Asia’s largest exporters of footwear edition. The world […]


Malaysia At A Glance

25th May 2013

Capital and largest city:        Kuala Lumpur (1,588,750 citizens) Seat of Government:        Putrajaya Official languages:         Malaysian Malay (Bahasa Malaysia) Official script:             Malay (Latin) alphabet Recognised languages:         English […]