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A beautiful view from the top of THE FACE
A beautiful view from the top of THE FACE

| by Uwe Fischer |

Hotels with 20 or 30 floors are not uncommon in Kuala Lumpur. But the Platinum building, where THE FACE Suites are located, easily surpasses most of them. A total of 51 floors, and on the top of the terrace is an infinity pool with a magnificent view of the imposing Kuala Lumpur’s skyline.

THE FACE Suites is a 5-star hotel in the heart of KL. Don’t expect simply a room if you lodge yourself in here: instead, you will get a fully equipped spacious apartment.

The hotel has 200 suites, the smallest with a whopping 83 square meters. the largest is not less than 136 square meters. Apart from a large living room including a kitchenette, the suites are equipped with 1 or 2 bedrooms, a working room, bathroom (with shower and some with an additional bathtub) and even a walk-in wardrobe. Shelves and wardrobes offer plenty of storage space, making the suites ideal for visitors who want to furnish themselves a few days longer. Even a washing machine is available.

The signature feature, however, is the infinity pool on the 51st floor, allowing a mindblowing bird’s view on the KL skyline. During my stay, the pool was usually crowded with people, although hardly anyone was swimming here. Instead, everyone was busy taking pictures of themselves wading through the water with their mobile phones and cameras. A remarkable number of young people are up here, most of them presumably in their early 20s. “Excuse me, Generation Instagram! For your information, this thing is called a swimming pool, not a selfie pool :)” The preferred pose of those digital natives: showing their back to the viewer, looking at the skyline. Very cool! For a moment I was wondering if I shouldn’t do the same. Owe it to my thinning hair that I rejected the idea immediately again.

The terrace is especially crowded in the evening hours when the glittering skyline mutates into the ultimate setting. Unfortunately, the pool is closed already at 10 pm. By then, the guests are chased out of the water by the staff with a whistle (!). Other countries, other customs; for a European, certainly not the finer art of communication, especially displaced in a 5-star hotel.

In the morning hours, it is the same thing: early swimmers have no chance because the pool is opened only at 8:30 am, at least on 3 days per week. However, I was told that on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday it opens already at 7.00am.

Tangerine (copyright: THE FACE Suites)
Tangerine (copyright: THE FACE Suites)

The Platinum building also has the top-class restaurant Tangerine and the stylish DEEP BLUE located on the roof terrace. Both have in common the stunning, noble appearance; here you can easily spend one, two or more hours. The 3-course menu, which they serve at the Tangerine (by the way, you also get fine wine here), alone takes about two hours because even the first course splits into many small appetizers served separately one after the other. After the main course, you will be spoiled with cheese, dessert, and coffee.

For the nightcap, the DEEP BLUE offers great light effects and chillout sounds. And again, a great view.

Located on the edge of the Bukit Bintang district, you are close to the centre – the monorail is only a 5 minutes walk away – also the Hard Rock Cafe, Irish Pub and other pubs are within walking distance in the evening (during the day, I advise you to better order a driver to escape the scorching heat).

THE FACE Suites which have only been open since 2016, are up to date and professionally managed. Guests can look forward to a modern, well-equipped 5-star-logy.

copyright: THE FACE Suites KL
copyright: THEFACE Suites KL
copyright: THE FACE Suites KL

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