ACHSO! A Programme for new Malaysian Students in Germany

Malaysian students getting prepared for their 1st semester

“Ach so” is a very common German expression which is used similarly to the English “I see”. It is also the name of a get-together programme for new Malaysian students in Germany initiated by the students’ organisation AZIM Jerman. In that context, “ACHSO” also stands as an acronym for “Alles Cool Hier, Sei Optimistisch” – “Everything here is cool, so be optimistic”)

Guest article by Abdullah Hafidz bin Gazali, AZIM Jerman

In May 2016, AZIM Jerman invited 64 new students to the Jugendherberge Carl Ulrich, Zwingenberg for a 3 night 2 days stay. Sponsored by the Malaysian Authorities JPA and MARA (both of which have their offices in Frankfurt) and Yayasan Terengganu, it was designed for students who had finished their 6-months’ preparation course and would soon be entering their first semester. For the young Malaysians who came from every corner of Germany including Ingolstadt, Weilheim, Leipzig, Köln, Düsseldorf, Berlin and Kassel it was an experience full of excitement, enthusiasm and motivation. In other words, just the thing before jumping into their first semester.

ACHSO started on the morning of 28 May 2016 by “Break the ice’’ activities. The students had so much fun that they almost forget they are actually complete strangers to each other. In no time they started blending in with fellow students as well as their seniors, smiling, laughing, fooling around.

The programme continued with an inauguration ceremony held by Mr Syarqawi Muhammad from JPA. After that, it was time for adventure and fun again, albeit full of advise given by the seniors. They shared their experience and gave tips on how to perform well throughout the hardcore challenge of studying in Germany, or how to manage the financial aspects. In the evening, the students visited Schloss Auerbach to take photos and learn about Germany’s heritage.

On the second day, we were honoured by the visit of a delegation led by the Honourable Tan Sri Mohammad Zabidi, Director General of Public Services Malaysia, who also inaugurated the closing ceremony of ACHSO 2016. Also present was Madam Adina Kamarudin, the Consul General of Malaysia. For the last lunch, the students and their guests assembled in the dining hall of Jugendherberge Zwingenberg to round up a pleasant experience which will surely be fondly remembered by the participants.

AZIM Jerman wants to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all those who have worked hard to ensure the success of ACHSO 2016, especially to the sponsors JPA and MARA who also collaborated in organising this program.

Abdullah Hafidz bin Gazali
President of AZIM Jerman
An organisation for
Malaysian students in Germany

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