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Andy Sengiah ( with MALAYSIA INSIGHTS editor Uwe Fischer (l)
Andy Sengiah ( with MALAYSIA INSIGHTS editor Uwe Fischer (l)

Andy Sengiah is a video producer from Malaysia. With his company Metrochannel he offers documentaries for TV stations. MALAYSIA INSIGHTS met him at ITB 2017. The interview was conducted by chief editor Uwe Fischer.

Andy, can you please introduce your Metrochannel to our German readers. What precisely are you doing?
We do a lot of productions to promote our country. The market for tourism promotion has changed. Before, promotion was done with brochures, banners and bantings. Today it is more on social media and bloggers. We are basically producing documentaries on food or visiting places in Malaysia. The program is called “Best in Town”.

How do you present your content?
It is presented by hosts. For our travel and cooking programs, for example, we have Thanuja Anathan, a former Miss World Malaysia, as our host. This format is actually suitable for all kind of things, not only for food or travelling but anything that can be labelled “best” in a town.

Which towns or regions are you covering?
We are covering all the states in Malaysia. So, for one episode we might go to Langkawi. We will do a research about Langkawi, have a script and show where is it located, what is beautiful or special about Langkawi. To give you an example: Langkawi is a duty free area, and some people go there just for shoppping. Others like to go for sailing or island hopping, as Langkawi is made up of 99 islands. You can do a lot of sea side activities there, or you can use the cable car and visit the famous sky walk. So our host will go there, ask the visitors where they come from, what they are doing there, and what they like about Langkawi. She will show the best places, the best food, especially the local cuisine, she will do interviews and take part in cruises or other activities.

Where do you broadcast your show?
It is shown on the local channel NTV 7 which is part of the Media Prima Group. After broadcast, it is also available online on the tonton channel which is also part of the group, so people all over the world can watch it. It is available for 6 months.

As you said, you produced already 26 episodes, what will be your next plans?
Next we are planning to do new episodes of “Best in Town”, and maybe we are going to focus on herbs this time. But we are not only concentrating on Malaysia but also other countries all over the world.

Andy, thanks for the interview.


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