Bridging Cultures

The Malaysian stand at the Parade of Cultures in Frankfurt

For the 10th time, the multicultural event “Parade der Kulturen” in Frankfurt brought together people from many different countries, societies and confessions to demonstrate unity, mutual respect and peaceful living together.

As in the past several years, Malaysia was represented by the Malaysian Club Deutschland MCD which secured two stands side by side right opposite the landmark Eiserner Steg. A perfect location, as visitors just couldn’t miss it. As a result, the booth was strongly frequented by people queueing for Malaysian culinary delights such as satay, curry puff, murtabak (fluffy bread filled with minced meat and onions), stuffed tofu and pulled milk tea. MCD Members, family and friends have been working for 2 months planning and preparing the ingredients. The Consul General of Malaysia in Frankfurt and MCD patron Adina Kamaruddin actively supported the activities offering her official residence to prepare the base materials and joining in the work before and during the event.

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Its tasty food however is only one facet that makes Malaysia such a lovable country. With its sandy beaches, cultural landmarks and hospitable locals it makes also a perfect destination for holidays. This was reflected by the Malaysian stands by promoting the “Visit Perak 2017” campaign. Perak is one of the richest states in Malaysia due to its vast tin resources. During the heydays, Perak was the world centre for tin production. Perak is also famous for its beautiful limestone hills and caves which dot the state city Ipoh and its surroundings. And again, for its delicous food: no visit to Perak is complete without savouring the local delicacies such as dim sums, the famous ipoh white coffee, and rendang tok. The latter was also served by MCD as part of its offerings at the Parade. Traditionally, this rendang was served at palaces in Perak for the royal family and guests.

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But the Malaysian stands were not only designed to serve food and promote Malaysia as a holiday destination; the organisers made it a point to introduce their country as a whole to the German and international visitors. Who are Malaysians? What is their cultural identity? Unlike many countries which are mono-ethnic, Malaysia is made up of Malay, Chinese, Indian and indigenous people of Orang Asli, Sabah and Sarawak which peacefully live together. For Malaysians, it is very common that different races are coming and working together thus creating a spirit of what they call gotong-royong (which could be translated as “solidarity”). Another crucial cultural concept is that of muhibbah (goodwill and camaraderie). This makes Malaysia truly unique. It makes Malaysia MALAYSIA.

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Authors: Jimmy Low, Uwe Fischer

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