Malaysia at the K-Fair in Düsseldorf

Malaysian pavillon at K fair, 2013

The Malaysian plastics industry is one of the country’s most dynamic industries in the manufacturing sector. It also ranks among the most competitive in Asia. At the K-Fair in Düsseldorf, Malaysian producers will be presenting their products and services at the Malaysian pavilion in hall 8b H70. 

Over the years, the Malaysian plastics industry has transformed from being manufacturers of low-end consumer products for import-substitutions, into manufacturers for high-end industrial applications and for the export-oriented sector. The countries’ plastics industry registered a total sales turnover of RM 24.77bn in 2015 with exports rising to RM12.96bn in 2015 compared to RM11.94bn in 2014—hence, an increase of 8,5%.

As for 2015, there were 1,837 plastic companies in operation, offering products ranging from common household items and packaging materials to parts and components for the electrical and electronics, automotive, office automation, computer and telecommunications and healthcare industries. The main manufacturing processes involved in the plastics industry are injection moulding, pipes and profiles extrusion and foam moulding.

The plastic industry can be divided into several sub-sectors. The packaging sub-sector is by far the largest accounting for 45% of total plastic consumption, followed by electronics (26%), automotive (10%) and the construction industry (8%).

Being one of Malaysia’s key industries, its continuous growth is to a large extent attributed to the availability of oil and rubber resources: Malaysia has the world’s 28th largest crude oil reserves. As for natural rubber, it is the third largest producer behind Thailand and Indonesia.

Equally important is Malaysia’s capability to make use of advanced materials, advanced technology and skills. This is especially relevant in the packaging sector as a reduction in weight will translate into lower production/transport costs and a lower carbon foot-print. Accordingly, there is an increased demand for lighter and thinner yet stronger materials.

Malaysia’s plastic industry will be showcased at the K-Fair 2016 which is taking place from 19.-26. October in Düsseldorf, Germany. Under the patronage of MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation), 14 companies will present their products and services, many of them market leaders in their respective fields.

The Malaysian Pavilion can be found in hall 8b H70.

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